VITA Volunteer Training

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the IRS VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program. Through your service, you will make a positive difference in the lives of many of our community’s hardworking families. This page details the training and certification requirements necessary prior to serving at the VITA tax site in any volunteer capacity.


ALL Volunteers must register and complete a brief Volunteer Standards of Conduct training and test. Tax preparation volunteers, intake coordinators, and savings specialists must also complete intake/interview and quality review training and pass the test.

Tax Preparation Volunteers must also:

  • Learn TaxSlayer software, which is used for tax preparation at tax sites.
  • Pass an IRS Tax Certification Test (complete sample tax returns and answer questions).

All tests and training resources can be found on the IRS Link & Learn website. You must create a username and password to access the certification tests. Step by step instructions on the volunteer training and certification process are available in our Volunteer Training Guide.

Volunteer Training Requirements

All volunteers must complete the following items:

  • Volunteer Registration
  • Volunteer Standards of Conduct (VSOC) training and test
  • Intake/Interview/Quality Review training and test (OPTIONAL for Translators)

Tax Volunteers must also complete:

  • Tax and Software Training (four 3-hour live Zoom sessions)
  • Advanced Certification Test (online)
  • Site Orientation

Admin Coordinators or Savings Specialists must complete:

  • Intake and Savings Program Training (2 hours, online or in class)
  • Site Orientation

Translators are not required to complete training or certification other than the VSOC, although intake/interview training and site orientation are highly recommended.